"I'm on a mission to save over 10,000 lives."

Dr. Siemers' mission to save 10,000 lives is not a mere aspiration; it's a call to arms. With unwavering determination, she guides patients and their families toward becoming empowered advocates for their own health. Armed with knowledge and confidence, families can ask the right questions, demand clear communication, and ensure that the care they receive aligns with their rights as healthcare consumers.

Through her groundbreaking work, Dr. Siemers has demystified the healthcare experience, shining a light on crucial topics often shrouded in complexity. From selecting healthcare partners to decoding medical jargon, from recognizing alarming signs to navigating the bewildering array of treatment options - her insights empower patients to become active participants in their healing journey.

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Medical errors rank as the third leading cause of death in the United States

We are losing the equivalent of  TWO JUMBO JETS Full Of People Every Day

GOAL:  Save Lives

I'm on a personal mission to help you and your loved ones survive your next hospital visit!

An estimated 450,000 PREVENTABLE deaths occur in hospitals every year.  My hope is that you download this checklist so that you and your loved ones can remain safe should you find yourself in need of medical care. 

The goal is not to question the decisions of nurses and doctors, it is to give families a baseline understanding of how they can help the staff and the confidence to communicate with the staff when they feel something is wrong. 

We know our loved ones better than the staff and with a little education about what "normal" looks like, the family can be another set of eyes and ears for the staff. 

Communication and Education is Key 

An Estimated 450,000

Deaths Are Preventable

Every Year